Omer 81P Polymer 19 Gauge Stapler

Omer 81P Polymer 19 Gauge Stapler

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Omer 81P Pneumatic Nylon Stapler

Fires 81P Plastic staples 6mm-16mm 

Fires strong staples that can be sanded down, excellent strength


Lumber wrap, lumber tagging, boatbuilding, casket lining, doors, metal detectors, furniture, fiberglass layup, upholstery, insulating sheathing. All applications where metal fasteners can damage tools and to avoid fasteners removal.

  • Secondary trigger for accidental firing
  • Bottom loading
  • Rear exhaust
  • Rubber grip

Magazine capacity: 90

Dimensions: 216 x 43 x 148mm

Weight: 0.9 kgs 

PSI: 60-90