18 Gauge Staples & Caps

18 Gauge Staples & Caps

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StaplePac Caps & Staples

Staples are 11mm crown,1.2mm 18 Gauge) in lengths 15mm-38mm

Caps are 1" Diameter

Features 10 rolls of 200 collated plastic caps and 20 strips of 100 staples. 

2,000 per box.

Cap fasteners are a recommended best practice for securing roofing underlayment's, felt and house wrap. 

for use with the Spotnails TCS3832 , LCS6832 & LCS6838 Pneumatic 18 Gauge Staplers.

  • Caps are a recommended installation best practice by house wrap and roofing underlayment manufacturers
  • 5/8" StaplePac covers approximately 25 sq.
  • Caps help seal out moisture that can penetrate sidewall and roofing fabrics
  • Combination of caps and staples reduces the possibility of tearing roofing felt or house wrap
  • Caps provide better holding power than a nail or staple alone
  • Fewer fasteners needed and fewer staple holes
  • Reduces lateral slippage