Box of 2,000

Tacwise Type 140 Staples

Code: 1217

Crown: 10.6mm

Length: 10mm

Stainless Steel

Rust Resistant Staples

To fit Tacwise/Rapesco: Z-140, Z140P, Z3-140, Z3-140L, Pro 140EL, Stanley: 69-809, TR60, TR100, TR200, TRE 500, G11, TR250, TR150, TRE500, TRE550, Arrow: CT50, ETF50PBNN, ETFX50, ET50, ETC50, ETF50BN, ETN50, T50, T55, T50PBN, ETFX50220, Powershot: 5700, 5800, 8000 Rapid: R34, R44, R54, R64, ESN114, MS840, CSN140, E-Tac & Other 140 tackers.

Tacwise 140/10 Stainless Steel Staples

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