Box of 5,000

Lengths available: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm


Tacwise codes: 0232, 0233, 0234, 0235

Suitable for use in Tacwise/Rapesco: Z1P, Z1, Z1-113, Z1-13L, Z3-13, Z3-13L, Z-13, Z13-P, Z2P, Z2, Hobby 13EL, 813-D, 813T, 813P

Rapid: M10Y, R23, R13, R19, R30, R83, ESN113, MS813, R33, MS610, R213

Maestri Tecnica: 1310 Mod 13/Electronic 

Novus: J-09ABH, J-08, J-08ABH, J-19EHB, J-021H

KWB: T40

Lux Deko Tacker, 195050

Rexel 37, Titan Twin, Titan 12 H

Stanley Hobby 8, Pro 8

Please ensure your tool takes the required length

Tacwise 13 Series Galvanised Staples

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