Striker tool, model no: X1S6650

16 Gauge Medium crown Stapler

Fires 11mm crown staples, 25mm-50mm length


  • 360 Degree Exhaust
  • Rugged & Dependable
  •  Adjustable Depth Control
  •  Quick-Clear Nose
  •  Sequential Trigger Available
  •  Ergonomic Rubber Grip
  •  Easy Manoeuvrability


Plywood Wall Sheathing. Floor Underlayment. Roof & Wall Shingles. Furniture Frames. Cabinet Sub-Assembly. Gypsum Wall Sheathing. Millwork - Door Jambs. Exterior Siding. Bedding. Construction.


Air pressure: 60-100 psi

Weight: 2.5kgs


Striker X1S6650 Pneumatic Medium Crown Stapler

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