Ideal for fixing breather paper, timber wrap and packaging applications.

Cap fasteners are a recommended BEST PRACTICE installation by housewrap and roofing underlayment manufacturers like DuPont, Typar, Grace & Titanium. Why? Because caps help seal out moisture that can penetrate the breather paper, lumber wraps & roof felt. Caps provide better holding power than a nail or staple alone, and that means less tears. It also means fewer fasteners are needed to get the job done.


The CH38A delivers the holding power of a cap with the speed and ease of a hammertacker. With every swing, this airless cap system automatically advances the cap and positions it for the staple.

Why Caps??

  • 20 times stronger hold than staplers alone
  • Increased water protection
  • Improved speed and accuracy
  • Available in both pneumatic and manual
  • Suitable for house wrap, Membrane, Polythene, Roofing Felt, Timber Wrap and many more
  • Caps massively reduce risks of tears, rips and damage to the material its fixing from the increased holding power meaning little of no repairs necesary on site or off site

  • Tool Weight: 1.3kgs
  • Fastener Capacity: 168 caps / 168 staples
  • Cap Type: Full 1" plastic collated caps
  • Fastener Type: 3/8" crown staples
  • Fastener Length: 3/8"


ean: 042928147849

Stinger CH38 Autofeed Cap Hammer

  • Price is subject to vat

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