Senco codes:

C03BAAP - 4.8mm length - box of 55,000

C04BAAP- 6mm length - box of 35,000

C05BAAP- 7.9mm length - box of 28,000

C06BAAP- 9.5mm length - box of 50,000

C08BAAP- 12.7mm length - box of 35,000

9.5mm crown, upholstery Staples.

Suitable to fit: Senco CFW05-C, SFT10XP-C, SFW09-C, CFW05-C, SFT10XP-C

Please ensure your tool takes the required length

Senco C03BAAP, C04BAAP, C05BAAP, C06BAAP, C08BAAP Staples

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