Omer Type 62 Series, Fine Wire Staples

Equivalent Staple to Senco B04BAAP (6mm) and B06BAAP (10mm)

23 Gauge

1/2" Crown

Lengths available: 6mm & 10mm

6mm are boxed in 20,000 and 10mm are boxed in 10,000


Chisel Point

To fit in Omer: 62.16 Staplers plus Senco: SFT10XP-B & SFW05-B

Suitable for: Upholstery, furniture, picture frames, shoe making, dust covers, TV or stereo sets, home insulation, felt insulation, casebacks production, trimming.

Made in Italy

Omer 62 Series Staples 6mm & 10mm. Fit Omer 62.16 Stapler

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