Raptor Engineered Polymer Composite ( Plastic) Brads 

Quantity per box: 2,000

18 Gauge

Lengths available: 12mm,16mm, 20mm & 25mm

Codes: 12P/12, 12P/16, 12P/20, 12P/25

Fit: Omer 12.20P. 12P.25

Applications: Furniture, cabinet manufacturing, door/window casings, boat building, upholstery, casket lining, shoe making & musical instruments

Ideal for many jobs as these brads can be sawed, sanded down and plained to ensure no unsightly marks in your manufacturing.  They are also very strong.

RAPTOR® fasteners are completely non-metal and cannot rust, oxidize, corrode or cause galvanic corrosion of other metals, making them ideal for use in boat manufacturing.


NATURAL BONDING: The shaft of the nail or staple fuses permanently with the material creating a powerful interfacial bond between the fastener and the material.
STRONG HOLDING POWER: Has twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners.
HIGH QUALITY RESULTS: RAPTOR® creates a longer lasting, high quality end product

Nylon Polymer Brads 12P 18 Gauge 12mm-25mm

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