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  • Designed with lightness and balance in mind, the GBT1850K-E cordless brad nailer is significantly lighter than its leading competitor. With an in-line battery for ergonomics and balance, the tool allows easy access to jobs on-site without the need for a compressor.
  • Uses 18 gauge brad nails 15mm - 55mm, and comes complete with a 2 year warranty, regardless of which brand of gas and nails you use.
  • Nails and fuel cells are available in a wide variety of packs and finishes.
  • Tool comes complete with carry case, 2 batteries & charger.


  • Rubber Comfort Grip
  • Sequential Trip
  • Anti Slip Bumpers
  • Rear Loading
  • Rear Loading
  • Carry Case
  • Tool Lock-Out
  • Easy Jam Clearance
  • Belt Hook
  • Power type Gas
    Weight 1.70 kg
    Width 85 mm
    Length 270 mm
    Height 281 mm
    Magazine capacity (max) 100
    Working ambient temperature 0-40°C
    Charger type 9B12071R-EU
    Input power source AC 230V 50Hz
    BT13 Series Fasteners:
    Diameter (mm) 1 (min) 1.25 (max)
    Length (mm) 15 (min) 55 (max)
    Head (mm) 2 (min) 2 (max)
    Charging Time 60 mins
    Charging Voltage 3.6V
    Charging Current 1.5A
    Charger Weight 0.2
    Battery Weight 0.08
    Battery Type 9B12072R-EU (1.5Ah) Li-ion 3.6
    Fuel Cell 30ml
    Noise LPA 1sd 96.00
      LWA 1sd 103.00
      LPA 1s, 1m  
    Vibration / Uncertainty 2.1 / N/A m/s2

ean: 5902013942160

Bostitch GBT1850K-U Cordless 18G Bradder

  • Can be shipped within 7 working days.

  • Price is subject to vat

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