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Gripnail 211 Air Tool

This Tool is used for driving fasteners that require a precise, regulated, simple impact. This trigger activated tool has a safety interlock that prevents accidental firing and impact is adjusted with the incoming air pressure. The lightweight, ergonomic design has a comfortable, cushioned handle and includes The Freedom Swivel® air coupler to help keep the air hose from interfering with the operation.

Metal Tack 

MetalTack is specifically developed to fasten lightweight parts such as name plates and cable tie mounts to solid metal products such as pumps, valves and machinery. MetalTacks do not require any drilling, adhesives, or any other surface preparation.




Quickly and easily attach name plates in a single controlled motion. DriveTacks are an advanced drive screw and have a tapered point that easily finds the hole in the base material like a drift pin and a flat head for a clean, flush look on the attachment.




PunchPin is designed to fasten light loads to sheet metal in less time than it takes to drill a hole. These simple, quick fasteners work perfectly to attach name plates, able tie mounts and small components to metal doors, electrical cabinets, steel tubing, etc.



TackMount quickly and permanently fasten cable tie mounts to metal without drilling, adhesives, or any other surface preparation. These fasteners are manufactured from impact resistant plastic with pre-inserted hardened steel MetalTacks. TackMounts are available in white or black.

Why the 211 Air Tool?

The 211 Air Tool improves operator use with its lightweight ergonomic design. The tool only weights 4.5 lbs. Each tool includes The Freedom Swivel® air coupler and an air regulator. Drivers are not included and should be ordered separately.

The Freedom Swivel Air Coupler

The Freedom Swivel air coupler improves the performance of pneumatic hand tools. Its hemispheric range of motion makes any job easier, and makes tools and users more productive.

Air Regulator

The 211 Air Tool is pressure dependent and operates between 50 and 100 PSI.

Air Tool Drivers

Selecting a Driver

Four types of drivers are available for applying Gripnail Industrial Fasteners.

Recessed Drivers

Recessed drivers have a slight counter bore in the tip, which allows for the fastener to be centered on the driver. This also assists the operator in steadying the fastener. These drivers are particularly helpful when fasteners are being applied to a vertical surface.

Flat Faced Universal Drivers

Flat faced drivers have a smooth face and may be used with any of the Gripnail Industrial Fasteners. Most often recommended with an application that uses multiple different liens of Gripnail Industrial Fasteners.

Extended Drivers

Extended drivers are available for applications where additional clearance is needed between the air tool and the base metal.

Flared Tip Drivers

Flared tip drivers are the only nonmagnetic drivers specifically designed for the TackMount® cable tie mounts. This is a friction based driver that clips TackMounts onto the end for a secure hold at any angle


The Gripnail 211 Air Tool features a safety interlock to prevent fasteners from being accidentally projected from the tool. The fastener and driver must be pressed firmly against the work surface in order for the driver to contact the piston. The tool may be activated if the driver is not depressed, but the fastener will not be projected as the air is released through designated pressure release valves.

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